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K9 Bug Detection

With our K9 Unit we can sniff out 98% of low-level infestations, quickly and effectively.

Meet Halasa

Halasa is our newest weapon against bed bugs. We used to rely solely on visual inspections that took hours and were often unsuccessful in finding the bugs that lay hidden in cracks and crevices. With Halasa we can sniff out 98% of low-level infestations.

Bedbug Detection Canines

Instead of relying on his eyes like other pest control technicians, Halasa uses his nose. This means that he can detect live bed bugs and viable eggs whether they are visible or not. Canines are used to detect narcotics, bombs, locate missing people and BED BUGS. We take bed bug locating and eliminating bed bugs very serious.

About Halasa

Halasa was born in august of 2015 in a small village in Slovak Republic which is located in central Europe. Halasa comes from a very well-respected breeder for working line military and police canines. Halasa is a full blooded German Shepherd. He was brought to the US in July of 2016.

Since then Halasa has been training hard with his trainer Adam Clark of K9K Solutions. Halasa has been field tested and is taking bed bug detection to a whole new level. He continues to locate bed bugs in single family homes, warehouses, correctional facilities, and hospitals.