Conditioned Crawl Space

Advanced Pest Elimination can condition your crawl space to improve air leakage, temperature control, potential odors, and much more.

Benefits Of A Conditioned Crawl Space

– Whole house air leakage are typically significantly reduced which saves money on heating and cooling while preventing unconditioned air from entering the home.
– Mechanical systems and ductwork located in a sealed crawl space operate more efficiently.
– Controlled temperature and humidity increase structural integrity and decrease the possibility of condensation and frozen pipes.
– Decreased moisture means decreased fungal growth and less risk of wood decay.
– Odor elimination, better indoor air quality in general
– Less movement and buckling in hardwood floors due to even moisture levels year round
– Fewer rodents and insects living underfoot
– Increased home value or salability

The Process

Step 1: “Moisture Evaluation”
We start by identifying moisture entry. If waterproofing or foundation repair is needed we identify and make needed repairs first.

Step 2: “The Cleanout”
This is where the rubber meets the road. Our crew begins removing all the debris and inefficient insulation that is currently in place. We also remove old wood that is laying on the ground that is only working as termite candy. Commonly this includes cleaning up spider webbing and dryer lent. Sometimes sanitizers are needed to kill bacteria from mildew or plumbing repairs.

Step 3: “Damage Repair”
If damage from moisture or termites are present will photograph and speak to you about needed repairs, costs and repair to needed structural strength.

Step 4: “Brightening The Crawl”
This is when the crawlspace begins to show major changes. We install a three layer 12mil high strength Polyethylene film that has reinforced scrim to ensure long term durability. All seams are taped to ensure no vapor or moisture voids. This film is ranup the walls to prepare for the next step. The brightening stage also includes the installation of lighting throughout your crawlspace and a switch at your crawl access entry for convenience and visibility.

Step 5: “Go Green”

After the completion of Step 4. The Polyethlene film running up the walls are then spray foamed with closed cell spray foam. All exterior walls are covered with spray foam insulation and joist ends and band board are foamed to stop air leakage and to optimize maximum energy efficiency. All existing outside crawl space vents are sealed over to ensure no air flow or humidity from the outside.

Step 6: “ Warm Floors”

Those days of cold floors barefoot in the morning are over. We then have our licensed HVAC technician supply HVAC ducts and return duct to the space to match the temperature of your existing living space.

After Completion you have a healthier, cleaner air quality in and throughout your home. Now it’s time to enjoy your home at its maximum utilization. You will have the most attractive, efficient and clean crawl space in the neighborhood that you will be proud to show off.