Spring Means Termites

Did you know it is estimated that more than $5 Billion of property damage is incurred each year from termite infestations. In Southern Indiana we are faced with the Eastern Subterranean Termites. They live in colonies made up of three categories or caste: the worker caste, soldier caste, and reproductive caste. There colonies are formed in the soil and can go undetected by homeowners for sometimes years before damage or evidence appears and is noticed. Advanced Pest Elimination recommends your home be inspected annually regardless if you have ever been concerned with termites or not. Often time’s termite evidence or the presence of termites is detected before the worker termites have ever made contact with your homes wood structure.

Worker termites are constantly searching and consuming cellulose in order to supply the colony so that it can grow and thrive. In the spring months is when most homeowners realize they have a possible termite problem. Homeowners may encounter the swarmers (alates), which are the winged termites. The swarmer appears in a large number and they “swarm” from the colony to seek a new location, mate and start another new colony. Termite swarmers are often disregarded due to homeowners misidentifying them as flying ants. Anytime a winged insect appears in or around your home in a large number it is best to contact a licensed and trained pest management professional.

Termites unlike other common household insects do not fall into the category of DIY (do it yourself). Products sold in retail stores will not eliminate a termite colony efficiently and in a timely manner. Advanced Pest Elimination offers both the “conventional” liquid termite treatment that involves drilling and treating under porches, garage floors and rodding and injecting termiticide into the soil. We also offer an effective and chemical free alternative that does not involve drilling into concrete or disrupting landscaping with the newest termite baiting technology available. This system is called Trelona Annual Termite Bait System manufactured by BASF, who also manufactures the leading liquid termite product Termidor. Advanced Pest Elimination offers free site evaluations and free estimates. Call us today at 812-748-7026 or visit us online at www.advancedpestelimination.com to learn more.

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